Summer Writing Ideas (From A to Z)

Jo - Saturday, May 22, 2010, 11:27 pm
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This Summer I Want to:

Need a way to keep your child happy, productive, and NOT BORED?

1.  Cut out 28 white sun-shaped pages and 2 orange sun-shaped pages. (I use my cricut expressions machine for the cutting, but the pages can be hand-cut.)

2.  Make a cover for the book such as the one below:

3.  Place one letter per page. I like to use tactile letters. If your child is learning his letters, try the examples below.

4. For each letter ask your child to think of something he wants to do using one letter.  For younger children, assist them with the writing.

4.  If you wish, take pictures of your child doing the an activity in his book.  Glue the photo on the corresponding page and write the date next to the photo.

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